Itinerary for Queen Elizabeth

Trip highlight


Primates, boat cruise, mingle with communities, bird watching, game drives, Equator.

Day 1

Depart for the park from Kampala. Much of this day will be spent on the road as the park is over 400kilomters from the point of departure. The trip will take on a road trip arrangement will stopovers at distinctive tourism hubs along the way. One such is the Equator.


6:30am: Start of morning games drive in pursuit for the big 5 exclusive of rhinos. You will carry packed breakfast and lunch with you.

9:00am: Visit to Katwe, a village in the park where salt is mined traditionally.

12:00am: Lunch at Mweya, a peninsula overlooking Kazinga Channel

3pm: Start of two hours boat cruise at Kazinga Channel. Rest assured of seeing over 100 bird species during this excursion. You also stand high chances of coming across hippos, elephants, buffaloes and antelopes as they bask at the banks of the channel which connects Lake Albert to Lake George

Day 3

06:30-09:30am: Chimpanzee trekking at Kyambura Gorge, a sunken forest in the Albertine Rift valley. Better known as the lost world, this well-kept secret (attraction) has over 10 chimpanzees and forest falls.

10:30am: Breakfast at the lodge

12:00am: Departure for Kampala via FortPortal, Uganda’s love capital.

02:00pm: Lunch at FortPortal and later a brief tour of Karuziika Palace. The palace is atop the highest hill in FortPortal Town. It thus offers unequalled views of the town and its scenic teal plantations and hills.

03:00pm: Continuation of journey to Kampala

07:30pm: Arrival in Kampala and drop off at AirPort ahead of your departure from Uganda.

Agandi Uganda