Itinerary for Murchison Falls National Park adventure


Day 1

06:00am: Departure from Kampala to Murchison via Masindi District

Brace yourself for 217km road trip on smooth murrum.

01:30pm: Arrival at Murchison Falls National Park main entrance. Payment of game drive and ferry for transferring car across River Nile.

01:50: Drive to Budongo eco lodge to pick up the game ranger who will guide us to the top of the falls (fifteen minutes’ drive to the lodge and 1:30 mins drive to the top of the falls on a smooth murrum road)

Expect to see lots of wildlife especially heavy grazers like bush backs and elephants grazing-savannah wing of the park.

03:30pm: Arrival at the Top of the falls

04:00pm: Return to Budongo Eco lodge for meals and accommodation

07:00pm: Camp fire (optional)

Day 2

06:00am: Drive to the starting point of the morning game drive (Drive to last between 1hr -1:30hrs)

10:00am: Game drive around the Park comes to a climax after catching up with over 40 species of game inclusive of four of the “Big 5”, plus an array on bird species.

10:00-30am: Visit to the cottage of Paraa safari lodge–where Queen Elizabeth stayed during her visit to the park in 1954(it’s optional)

11:00am: Launch cruise to the devils quadrangle (mouth of the falls) (In total, it takes 2hours to and fro)

Expect to see plenty of wildlife at the banks of the Nile inclusive of elephants, buffaloes, toppi, lions among others

02:30pm: Return to Budongo lodge

Day 3

6:30am-8:30am: Chimpanzee trekking in Budongo eco-forest.

09:00am: Breakfast at lodge

11:30am: Departure to Kampala

Total distance expected to be covered 750kms(Drive to the park 250kms, Game drive and drive to the top of the falls 200kms,Drive back to Kampala 250km)


Transport of car to the starting point of the game drive

Gate entrance of car sh30,000.

Ferry crossing river Nile into the immediate starting point of game drive sh40, 000

Personal costs

Entrance to the park sh 15,000 for East African Residents and (provided one has an Identity Card to prove to this effect, $40-incase one doesn’t have an ID) and sh 5,000 for children

Launch cruise to the devils triangle (the mouth of the falls) sh 30,000, Non Ugandans $30

Guided game drive $20 non Ugandans and sh 20,000 for Ugandans

Travel tip

Like most parts of the country, Murchison falls is still experiencing unpredictable rains. As such, it is wiser to tag along with the respective gear like sneakers, jackets and umbrellas

Though the lodges at the park have the capacity to offer first aid in case of any health emergencies, they don’t have fully fledged pharmacies. As such, it’s wiser to re-stock before getting into the park.

There is a high-end fuelling point and garage at the heart of the park.

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