Itinerary for Bwindi adventure


Main activity: Gorilla trekking

Day 1

06:25am: Departure for Bwindi Via Mbarara District.

08:30am: First stopover at the equator, for a brief experience of the southern and Northern hemispheres.

08:50am: Safari to Bwindi commences via Masaka, Mbarara and Rukunjiri Districts. Brace yourself for landscape of astonishing contrasts that among many things features an array of banana plantations, rolling hills, indigenous long cattle of the ankole tribe, eastern rift valley, Savannah Park and their wildlife if lucky.

06:00pm: Arrival at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

06:30pm: Checking into Agandi Eco Lodge for accommodation.

Day 2

06:30am: Awake to the inviting weather of the world heritage site (Bwindi). Temperatures will be in the range of 7degrees to 10 degrees.

07:30am: Breakfast

08:00am: Clearance at Bwindi Park offices, a few meters walk from the lodge and the starting point of the gorilla trekking

Getting briefing on the gorilla trekking

08:30am: The adventure gets started. Ready yourself for an astonishing hiking challenge to remember. Bwindi is still as pristine as it was over 10,000 years back with very minimal interference from man. Simply put, it’s the wild untamed world where reality outdoes fiction. NB: Please do not wear red or bright coloured clothing. They evoke the anger of the primates as they find them disturbing.

12:30 am: Lunch at community camp

1:30pm: Afternoon: Mix and mingle with the Batwa, one of the highly extinct tribes in Uganda with a population of less than 300.They also come across as the shortest people in the country with some adults not exceeding 3ft. They hold strong attachments to the African ways of life.

04:00pm: A visit to craft village to shop locally made crafts.

05:30pm: Return to lodge

Day 3

06:00am: Departure for Kampala

09:30am:  Brief visit to Lake Bunyonyi Africa’s second deepest lake for a sightseeing. Expect a scenery that will leave you breathless as you behold over the 20 small islands that are dotted in the lake.

10:00am: Continuation of journey to Kampala via Kabale

06:00pm: Arrival in Kampala

Agandi Uganda