Four day Itinerary to Kidepo National Park


Itinerary for Kidepo Trip

Day one

7:30am: Departure from Kampala

10:00am: Stopover at Zziwa Rhino sanctuary for a mix and mingle with the rhinos

11:00am: Continuation of journey

12:30am: Stopover at Karuma game reserve to capture the sights and sounds of the falls(karuma)

01:30am: Sampling culinary delights of the luo people in Gulu

05:30: Arrival into the park via Lokumoit gate and checking into UWA bandas

Day two

07:30am: Morning game drive around the southern wing of the park. Expect to see huge concentrations of elephants and buffaloes. Other game likely to be seen include Rothschild giraffes, zebras, toppi, antelopes among others

12:30am: Lunch at UWA bandas

01:30pm: Beholding the park from the infinity pool of Apoka lodge. Expect plenty of herbivores inclusive of zebras, warthogs, toppi among others.

7:30pm: Night game drive in the park in pursuit for the big cats and hyenas

Day three

7:30am: Visit to kidepo valley for fun in the sand, ostriches and hot springs

11:00am: Return for lunch at UWA bandas

12:30am: Karamojong trail (visit to the Karamojong community living in the neighborhoods of the park)

6:30pm: Beholding the golden African sundowner

7:30pm: Return to lodge for camp fire experiences and dining

Day four Return to Kampala

7:30am: Departure for Kampala via Pader

9:30am: Stopover to shop African pots at Pader market

12:00am: Visit Fort Patiko(slave port)

01:00pm: Takeaway lunch

02:00pm: Continuation of safari to Kampala (5 hours on the road)

7:30pm: Adventure climaxes with arrival in town (Kampala)

Travel tip

Northern Uganda is hot for much of the year. Daily temperatures ranging between 23-31 degrees. There are excellent chances of rain as April is the start of a rainy season. To this effect, it is wiser to tag along with the respective protective gears.

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