Vision - Mission - Core Values


Uganda is not yet a well-known country but it has no reason to be envious of other sub-Saharan countries assets. There is a lot here to explore and to experience. Beyond the amazing and diversified wildlife, traveling in Uganda is a human adventure.
Our vision is to promote the diversity of Uganda with a deep attention to social inclusiveness, sustainable development and environment conservation.



Our mission is to propose made-to-measure safaris based on your wishes, the length of your stay and the way you want to travel.
Our activities are co-benefiting our guests as well as the local communities. We pay high attention to support local development with respect of the local traditions and of the environment.
There is a lot to live and to discover in Uganda. We guide you from the design of your adventure to your arrival at destination. We remain open and flexible to be sure that you seize every opportunity that could occur during your stay with the guarantee of top-of-the-range services.



Core values
Ecotourism is now defined as a “responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people and involves interpretation and education” (TIES, 2015).  Education is meant to be inclusive of both staff and guests.
Agandi Uganda aims at its scale to be an example as an eco-friendly company who work in and promote ecotourism. In this objective, our core values are :

  • Being part of the local sustainable development
    • Increasing local capacity building and employment opportunities ;
    • Providing direct benefits for conservation by delivering sensitization programs in various areas : renewable energies, energy efficiency, waste management, green farming, public health, biodiversity and ecosystems…) ;
    • Recognizing the Indigenous People and work in partnership with the relevant stakeholders to create empowerment ;
  • Reducing our environmental footprint as Agandi Uganda at its lowest:
    • Designing, constructing and operating low-impact eco-lodges ;
    • Using and promoting renewable energies for green electricity and cooking ;
    • Limiting the speed on the road especially when crossing villages, promoting eco-driving ;
    • Reducing, reusing and recycling the volume of waste generated ;
    • Maintaining the good quality of soil during construction and farming activities. Supporting indigenous tree planting, permaculture and school gardening where our Eco-lodges are located ;
  • Providing positive experiences for both visitors and hosts ;
    • Promoting the wide cultural and natural diversity of Uganda ;
    • Delivering a comfortable and permanent safe environment;
    • Favoring direct interaction between visitors and local people for a better understanding and appreciation of local life ;
    • Providing clear information to visitors prior to their visit.
  • Supporting green tourism in Uganda and cooperation
    • Promoting and partnering with local NGOs and CBOs who develop community programs in the fields of environment conservation, public health and sustainable development ;
    • Promoting and partnering with other Ugandan social companies who share the same values ;
    • Supporting the development of the eco-tourism in Uganda by a better sensitization and exchanges on best practices.