Bird watching Itinerary Uganda

Itinerary Uganda’s favourite bird watching destination-Lake Mburo National Park and Semuliki National Park

Trip Highlights

Chimpanzee trekking, Bird watching, Community Tours, Jaw-dropping sceneries, Boat cruises, Hot springs.


Day 1

Morning: Departure for Kibale National Park Via Mubende District.

Mid-day: Sampling Ugandan Roadside foods at Mubende.

Evening: Checking into Lodge in the middle of the forest park.

Late Evening: Camp fires at the lodge as you watch traditional performance by local dancers from the parks neighbourhood.

Day 2

6:30-9:30am: Chimpanzee trekking and Bird watching in Kibale Park.

10:00am: Breakfast and relaxation at the lodge as you appreciate nature’s wonders.

01:00pm: Lunch at the lodge.

03:00pm: Visit to Bigodi, a community empowering initiative created to address inter human-wildlife conflicts in Kibale National Park.

05:00pm: Return to the lodge for dinner and relaxation.

Day 3

Early Morning: Breakfast the lodge

Morning: Exploring of the many awe-inspiring crater lakes in FortPortal and Kabarole District.

Midday: Lunch in FortPortal Town. Today you will be sampling organisc local dishes of Tooro, a Kingdom ruled by the youngest Monarchical leader in Africa, King Oyo(Currently 26years).

03:00pm: Drive to Semuliki Game Reserve

Early evening: Checking into Safari Lodge

Day 4

Morning Boat cruise in Lake Albert in pursuit for the different bird species which call it home. This includes Uganda’s most sought after species, the Shoebill.

Mid-morning: Breakfast at the Lodge

12:30am: Lunch at the lodge: Considering Lake Albert has the tastiest fish among Ugandan Lakes, one of the key dishes on the menu is Tilapia Fish.

04:00pm: Afternoon game drive in Semuliki Game Reserve. Expect to see lots of species in the antelope family, buffaloes, elephants, and birds that spend much of their day on ground than in air. One such is the ground hornbill, a massive black bird with a very graceful character.

07:00pm: Return to the lodge for a peaceful night under the stars.

Day 5

The day will start with Bush Breakfast after which you will be taken on a tour of the hot springs. Expect to see an endless list of birds with endearing plumages and soothing calls.

At Midday, you will visit the Batwa, a tribe of pigmies that used to live in the Park’s gorge. Though evicted from it over 20 years back, they still hold it so dear to their hearts and partly depend on it for survival.

After Lunch, you will start your journey back to Kampala ahead of your flight or any other business. Distances to be covered is over 300 kilometers. To make the trip less tiring, there will be some stopovers along the way.

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