Itinerary for Rwenzori Mountaineering expedition


Day 1.

08:00am Departure for Rwenzori National Park. Total distance to be covered is about 380km if travelling via Masaka and 440km if travelling via Mubende.

Lunch break of 30mins to be had at any point and time of convenience along the safari route chosen.

6:00pm Arrival at Rwenzori National Park

Accommodation options for day one include Equator snow lodge (High end-above $130 pp for bed and breakfast). Ruboni community camp (budget $25pp for Bed and Breakfast), Rwenzori Mountaineering Services lodge ($25 pp. per night) among others.


 Ascending from the foot of the Mountain to its highest summit, Margherita. It stands at at altitude of 519meters above sea level. Rwenzori National Park serves as a reminder that there are still parts of the world that are relatively unexplored, serene and pristine; the 5-8day hike offers a mix of therapeutic and scenic encounters that revitalize the mind—allowing one recuperate from the distressing side of life or work.

Day 9

Return to Kampala

Agandi Uganda