Semuliki National Park


The beauty of this park is undoubted, after all, it prides in being one of Africa’s Top 10 bird watching destinations.

Gazetted in October 1993, the park is one of the richest areas with flora and fauna diversity in Africa. It has more than 400 bird species, (the most dominant type being the lyre-tailed honey guide). Of these 400+, approximately 66% are of the country’s total bird species and forest birds. Ntandi and Sempaya provide excellent viewing of these birds and lots more including the yellow-threated nicator, White-crested Hornbill, Red-billed Dwarf Hornbill and Piping Hornbill among others. Other species found in the park include forest elephants, buffaloes, waterbuck, crocodile, mangabey and blue monkeys, pygmy hippopotamus, Uganda kob and warthogs among others

Its swampy parts are interlinked by boardwalks and wooden bridges. As such, one doesn’t have to get their feet dirty as they browse through this reserve which is served by all year friendly weather for birds.

Semuliki also doubles as a Geo-Thermal destination as it has the hottest Hot-springs, well maintained ones to be exact. In one sentence, they can be described as awesome and worth spending an afternoon at. The pools are never crowded. They are hot enough to fully cook an egg or fresh plantain within 10 minutes. By the time you fork out your food, it will be naturally salted thanks to the natural minerals that ooze from the hot-spring.