Mountain Elgon National Park


Did you know that less than 10 caldera-forming collapses have occurred since the start of the 20th century? Did you know that of these ten, Mountain Elgon National Park has the largest volcanic base? If the name doesn’t ring a bell, Mountain Elgon is that massive volcanic Mountain at the border of Uganda and Kenya. Its base spreads over 4,000km2 hence the reason most Mountaineers have it on their bucket-list.

If you are one of them, GOOD NEWS!!!. The Ugandan wing of the park has recently been developed to offer hiking experiences that allow self-discovery. There is now something for both Mountaineers who are hungry for tough hiking challenges and those who love gentle hikes. If you belong to the former category, you can now scale the mountain all the way to its highest summit (Wagagai) through the same trail used by the first explorers who discovered it ages back.

The three day trekking experience presents a total knockout due to the rough and untamed nature of its course. The dominant features in this course are extremely steep walkways and speedy river tributaries as fed by the crater lakes found at the peaks.

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