The Wild West Tour : From Murchison to Bwindi


The Western part of Uganda is full of National Parks from the extreme North to the South where volcanoes create a natural boundaries between Uganda, Rwanda and Republic Democratic of Congo. You will see on the Western part all the wildlife you can find in Uganda.

Murchison Falls with its giraffes and the Nile river, Fort Portal and Kibale with its forests and the sighting to the Rwenzori chain of mountains (5000 m >), Queen Elisabeth NP with the crater lakes, the savannah and the climbing lions, Bwindi NP and the mountains gorillas, Virunga volcanoes.

Starting from Kampala (or Entebbe if we pick you at the airport), we will take the road to North-West Uganda heading Murchison Falls National Park. On our way, we’ll make a stop to relax and for a coffee break close to the rhino sanctuary (visit in option).

Day 1 : [Murchison Fall]

Travel, first outlook at the park, night in mid-range accommodation (options available if you want another range of accommodation or if you want to sleep in a community)

Day 2 : [Murchison Fall]

Game driving all across the Park in the morning, boat cruising in the afternoon, night in the Park

Day 3 : [Hoima]

Enjoying a rest in the NP in the morning then heading to Hoima

Day 4 : [Fort Portal, Kibale]

Hoima to Fort Portal. Visit of the City and its surroundings. Night in FP or Kibale NP.

Day 5 : [Kibale NP]

Chimp tracking (tracking or habituation). Night in Kibale National Park

Day 6 : [Kibale NP, Queen Elisabeth NP]

Kibale NP to Queen Elisabeth NP. Game driving + Boat cruising.

Day 7 : [Queen Elisabeth NP, Bwindi]

Queen Elisabeth NP Game driving heading to climbing lions. Night in Bwindi NP

Day 8 : [Bwindi NP]

Discovery of the community and of the Batwa (pigmees). Barbecue and telling stories around the campfire.

Day 9 : [Bwindi NP, Bunyonyi]

Gorilla trekking then heading to Bunyonyi. Boat cruising. Night on the lake.

Day 10 : Back to Kampala (or Entebbe)

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