Itinerary-best of Jinja, Kampala and Entebbe


Day 1 Tour of Kampala

1pm: Tour of Kololo, an affluent hill that hosts Uganda’s independence ground

2:30pm: Explore Old Kampala Mosque, a historical attraction that sits atop the hill from which Kampala got its name. Brace yourself for an endearing 360 degrees view of Kampala and its rolling hills. Standing at the sky hugging minaret of this mosque, you’ll be able to see both up-town and down-town. Other sites you will catch are faith based tourism spots like Rubaga cathedral (mother cathedral of Catholic faith in Uganda) and Namirembe Cathedral (mother cathedral of Anglican Faith in Uganda). Entry fee to the mosque is SH10,000(Roughly $3)

3:30pm: Feel the Palace of Lubiri, the official palace of Buganda Kingdom. Buganda is the strongest Kingdom in the GreatLakes Region thanks to the ample dedication given towards the preservation of its cultural heritage. Lubiri Palace also hosts a well one of the torture chambers that was used by Uganda’s fallen Dictator, President Idi Amin (Fee is 1,000 roughly $3)

4:30pm: Experiencing the organized Chaos of Kampala. During this tour, you will get to see how a normal day in Kampala unfolds. If interested, you could also explore Owino, the city’s market 5:30pm-A visit to the arts and craft village-(if interested in shopping souvenirs)

6:30pm: Crown the day by experiencing Kampala’s night life (if interested in finding out what qualifies Kampala as the entertainment capital of East Africa.)

You will be retiring to your hotel whenever you feel you have had enough fun and thus deserve to rest

Day 2

7:30am: Departure for Jinja, Uganda’s adventure capital. Distance to be covered-84Kms on rough Tarmac.

8:30am: Zip lining or Nature walk in Mabira, the biggest tropical forest within one hour’s drive from Kampala. The forest which covers 74,000 acres blossoms with over 80 bird species. The most common is the Greater Blue Turraco, a graceful bird with stunning plumages. (Nature walk costs $30)

10:30am: Horseback riding at the banks of the Nile(horseback riding) or Quad biking in the countryside with All terain adventures. Both experiences range from $49-$100 depending on the duration one wants to experience it.

1:00pm: Tour of the source of the Nile and the other features around it like the reptile village. Brace yourself for an awe-inspiring bird watching expedition downstream of the Nile. Other places to be visited during this expedition include the statue of Mahatma Ghandi, and the pillars that have over the years become part of the Source of the Nile.

We can arrange for you a dining experience at the actual source of the Nile or rather tranquil safari lodge that overlooks it (Living waters lodge).

4:00pm: Tour around Jinja. If you have a thing for captivating colonial infrastructure, this tour is a must experience.

4:30am: Return to Kampala

Day 3 Tour of wildlife attractions in Entebbe

  • Option A

Mix and mingle with the Big Five at Uganda Wildlife Education Center. The pleasure is all yours to kiss the giraffes, pet the rhinos, pat the buffaloes and feed the lions.

  • Option B

Take an hour’s boat cruise to Ngamba Chimpanzee Island for exciting fun with man’s closest relatives’ chimpanzees. Situated 23km offshore from Entebbe, beautiful Ngamba Island is almost 100 acres in size and boasts over 50 different types of vegetation that chimps utilize: the chimps are free to roam at their will, exploring their environment and foraging for food.

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