Queen Elizabeth National Park


A Queen is usually the finest of female species there is in a particular Kingdom, right? They have it all; A beauty that demystifies the thought that the beautiful ones are not yet born. A scent that melts the olfactory nerves and, a sweet voice that can make a charging cobra calm down and make a U-turn. And indeed, when a park is named after a Queen, you know it is no ordinary destination.

Also known as Uganda’s most popular national park, this prolific wildlife real estate offers 1,978km2 of the wildest land in East Africa. It lies in the Western arm of the East African Rift Valley and has surprises for everyone; the birder, primate lover, big five explorer…..the list is endless. It is a one stop park.

Queen Elizabeth is split into two hemispheres by the Equator, the Northern and Southern hemisphere. Largely, its North features wild experiences that appeal to the hardcore adventurer. Among its most visited attractions is an underground forest called Kyambura gorge. Also known as the valley of apes due to its promising population of chimpanzees and monkeys, Kyambura offers endearing hiking experiences that leave many in tears of joy.


Within easy reach from Kyambura is Ishasha, a zone in the park famed for having tree climbing lions. It is an open Savannah with a vast network of game tracks that make it easy to see the king of the jungle as it hunts. Witnessing this experience will make you feel like you are in the middle of a National Geographic Documentary.

That said, if you are the kind of traveler who prefers laid back experiences, the South Wing of the park will sweeten your holiday. It features astonishing safari lodges offering services that leaves one feeling 10 years younger.

Here you will catch sight of over 400 of the 600 bird species that call the park home. They are best seen during a two hour boat cruise at Kazinga Channel. Kazinga is that strip of water that joins Lake Edward and Lake Gorge. It looks quite small on the map of Uganda. However, it is over 30 kilometers long and wide enough to comfortably accommodate two ships concurrently.

Among the wildlife you are guaranteed of seeing at its banks are hippos sunbathing, buffaloes, elephants, kobs, antelopes among others. It also has the most perfect natural killing machine ever made after sharks, the Nile crocodile. Luckily, your safety is the last thing to worry about. See, the boats in which you will pursue the cruise is a safe cruiser. Katwe explosion craters mark its highest point at 1,350m above sea level. The lowest point is at 910m, at Lake Edward.