Lake Mburo National Park


It just wouldn’t be a trip to Uganda without visiting Lake Mburo National Park. A magic undeniable, yes, undeniable! It has nearly 10,000 zebras roaming over a hilly Savannah landscape alongside an array of game in the antelope family. It is the nearest park to Kampala, located 240kms to its West. 30Kms to its far West is Mbarara-the largest metropolitan city of the Ankole region. You will need at least two days here, though you could easily spend a full day exploring its rocky ridges and coursing in its lake.

Over 350 bird species call this park home…and so do giraffes, impalas, buffalos, waterbucks, hippos, hyenas, topis, reedbucks and elands. Impressive acacia woodland increasingly dominates a major part of its landscape. Mburo also doubles as the only park where long horned cattle co-exist alongside with wild animals.